Pain in muscles and joints

Injuries caused by sports or incorrect postures in daily life are common. Acupuncture can often reduce the can pain in muscles and joints quickly. Both acute and chronic pain can be treated with acupuncture. Consider knee pain, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, tennis elbow and hamstring injury.
It is also possible to use acupuncture preventively in athletes to reduce the risk of injury.

Sports injuries

Many injuries occur in sports, a sports injury can occur suddenly due to a wrong movement or trauma, but it can also occur gradually due to overuse or incorrect posture, for example. In both situations acupuncture can reduce the pain, in most cases the complaint is already significantly reduced after the first treatment. It is possible to combine acupuncture with physical therapy or medication.

Wrong posture

Many complaints also stem from incorrect posture or structural overuse of certain muscles and joints. In many professions, many of the same activities occur, putting strain on the same muscles and joints. Think of a hairdresser who gets pain in his or her shoulders, an office worker who gets pain in his neck and back, etc.
Acupuncture can also be a helping hand for these aches and pains.

For what complaints?

Acupuncture can be used for many injuries. These include: shoulder pain, pain at the AC joint, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, stiff neck, abdominal muscle pain, low back pain, pain in the hip region, hamstring injury, knee pain, Achilles tendon, recovery from orthopedic surgery, sprains, etc. Is your injury not listed here? Chances are acupuncture can help. Feel free to send a message for more information.

Prevention effect of acupuncture

More and more athletes are discovering the preventive effects of acupuncture to reduce injuries. Also before the important race or marathon you can use acupuncture for better performance. This of course in combination with proper training. The acupuncture treatments are aimed at recovering and ensuring a good energy balance, which benefits sports performance.