Cycle related complains

Cycle related complains sometimes still seem to be a taboo, they are hardly ever talked about. Many girls and women still think that Cycle related complains are part of it, but menstruation should hardly give any physical or emotional complaints!
Acupuncture can help you reduce complaints around your period.

Acupuncture can support with:

  • Heavy blood loss
  • No or irregular menstrual cycle, due to PCOS, for example
  • Painful menstruation, for example due to endometriosis
  • PMS symptoms
  • Premenstrual headaches
  • Emotional complaints around menstruation

In addition to the acupuncture treatment, you will also receive practical tips to work with at home. Sometimes just acupuncture is not enough and I will give you a personal herbal advice to support the acupuncture treatment.