Menopause symptoms

Menopause is a phase in life that every woman may experience. It is a period of saying goodbye to the fertile phase of life. The hormones start looking for a new balance. In ancient China, this was a special period. During this stage of life, women transformed into an older lady, with wrinkles and much wisdom. They gained a higher status in the village as a result.

Complaints during menopause

On average, women are 45-55 years old when they enter the menopause phase. You speak of menopause when the woman has not had a period for 1 year. Unfortunately, the symptoms do not stop after the last menstruation, 1 in 3 women still suffer from hot flashes after 5 years! Complaints that are common at menopause are: night sweats, heat flushes (hot flashes), mood swings, fatigue, headaches, joint pains, weight gain, decreased libido and palpitations.

What can acupuncture do for menopause symptoms?

Acupuncture focuses primarily on restoring energy balance, which in many cases reduces the severity and frequency of complaints. On average, after 5 treatments you can determine whether acupuncture has the desired effect,
and how many more treatments are needed to go through the transition in a pleasant way. Besides the acupuncture treatment you will also receive practical tips that you can work with at home. Sometimes acupuncture alone is not enough and I will give you personal herbal advice to support the acupuncture treatment.

Did you know.

In the classical texts of Chinese Medicine, the following is written about menopause: When a woman reaches 7 x 7, her menstruation stops. The energy no longer used for menstruation she may now use for herself.

This is an important text which is often forgotten when women are in transition. It is a transition to a new phase of life. The children are already a bit older, or even out of the house, the care becomes less, you have gained a lot of life experience and also in the field of work, often the biggest steps in career have already been achieved. It is a good time to think about what YOU want!