Moxatherapy for breech position

Did you know that acupuncture is a good option if your baby is in a breech position? The preferred time to do this is week 33 or 34 of pregnancy, but if the baby is still in a breech position later in pregnancy (or goes in breech position), acupuncture is still worth trying.

Research shows that acupuncture greatly increases the chances of natural turning. Ineke van den Berg, a researcher at Erasmus MC, concludes this in her thesis for which she received her doctorate in 2010. If you want to read more about this research, This is the link..

What is moxa?

Moxa is a mugwort herb, which is processed into sticks and cones. Burning this releases heat with which you can heat the desired acupuncture points. For breech presentation a point near the little toe is heated, which naturally stimulates a rotation of the baby. According to Chinese Medicine, the moxa at that point creates a warming energy toward the uterus, which stimulates your baby to turn on its own.

When treating a breech presentation with moxa, one treatment in my practice is enough, you can continue the treatment at home afterwards. Therefore it is nice if you bring your partner or someone else along to the practice, so I can explain to you how the treatment works and what points of attention there are. If this is not possible, that is no problem. The explanation will also be sent to you by email after the consultation. After the consultation the pregnant woman can sit on the treatment table and we start the moxa treatment. During the treatment I will show you how to use the moxa sticks and there is plenty of time to ask questions. After the treatment I will give you a moxa stick to take home, so you can repeat the treatment at home for several days.

The cost for the consultation includes moxa sticks for at home.