About me

Kim Boelens

My name is Kim Boelens, and I am an enthusiastic acupuncturist in Eindhoven.
I am by nature very curious, precise and progressive, and keep myself
continuously develop myself by regularly attending refresher courses in the field of
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Phytotherapy and Western

People who know me well appreciate my down-to-earth mentality, You will notice this in the way i explain and apply acupuncture.
I enjoy my work as an acupuncturist immensely.

In addition to being an acupuncturist, I am also a nurse. I have worked for many years in a hospital as a dialysis nurse. Now I am no longer working as a nurse in order to focus fully on my acupuncture practice.

I am also a proud mom of 2 boys. In my free time I can be found outside a lot, I love hiking and climbing. But you can also make me happy with a good (acupuncture) book.

Enough about me, what can I do for you in my acupuncture practice?


Verpleegkundige Specialisatie
Acupunctuur (OTCG/ICZO Antwerpen)
Westerse kruiden volgens de principes van de Chinese Geneeskunde (OHM/TotalHealth)

Continuing education:

Pols & tongdiagnose (ICZO)
BuMing (ICZO)
Abdominale acupunctuur (ICZO)
Meridiaan taping (ICZO)
Chinese voedingsleer, voeding voor Maag & Milt (Jutta Koehler)
Stoppen met roken (ICZO)
Elekro acupunctuur (ICZO)
Shonishin kinderacupunctuur (ICZO)
Ooracupunctuur (ICZO)
Sportacupunctuur (ICZO)
Shiatsu massage (TotalHealth)
Medicinale paddenstoelen (PacificRim college, online)
Balans methode (OTCG)
Master Tung (OTCG)

Women’s health:

(In)Fertiliteit (QingBai)
Menstruatieklachten (QingBai)
Menopauze (QingBai)
Zwangerschap & postpartum (QingBai)
Fertiliteitscongres Antwerpen (ICZO)
IFSymposium (online) met onderwerpen als endometriose, PCOS, immuungerelateerde
infertiliteit, Master Tung punten voor fertiliteit en meer.
Behandelprotocollen vrouwenklachten orthomoleculair (SOHF)
Westerse kruiden bij vrouwenklachten, fytotherapie (PacificRim college online)
Balansmethode: *Menstruatieklachten & borstaandoeningen (QingBai)
Fertility support training conference (online) met onderwerpen alsĀ 
endometriose, onregelmatige menstruatiecyclus, laag amh en mannelijke infertiliteit

In addition to continuing education, both in person and online, I also spend a lot of time studying literature in new and old books.